I fell in love with Labs as a child and have introduced this amazing breed to my children, they have grown up with and loved their playfulness. gentleness, and intelligence. 

We are a family of hobby breeders and our dogs are a part of our family, are raised and kept in our home, and played with and socialized with our 5 children. Our litters are carefully thought out and well planned. We usually have 1-2 litters a year. Our puppies are in great demand, most litters have deposits before they are born.


Our Labrador puppies are all-purpose Labradors from English bloodlines; selectively bread for temperament, health, trainability, and disposition. The English Labs are the blocky-headed, barrel-chested,  stockier relatives to the American Labs.

We believe strongly in feeding our dogs whole foods and healthy supplements. We do not believe in over vaccinating our dogs.

All of our dogs are of champion lines and are AKC and OFA certified. All papers will be provided as well as records from first vet visit and vaccinations.


None of this would be possible without our first dog, Abby. She was a gift to our family and a major blessing in our lives. She birthed 3 litters of pups and we kept her daughter, who is our current mother, Grace, as to keep the line going.